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The Personal You...

Whether you're just sticking your toe in or ready to go hard core, we've got you covered.

95 for 95

This is our initial "spill it all out" coaching session, ideally face to face, but if that isn’t feasible, we can ‘meet’ on the phone. Find out more...

Commitment Phobic

You may not be ready to commit to the 12-Step program but maybe a few quick and dirty phone calls or emails will tide you over when you need your head pulled out of your rear end. Find out more...

12-Step Program

If it sounds like something to do with addiction…it is. We’re going to work together to help you kick the habit of thinking in ways that hold you back. And we’re going to formulate the steps you need to take to “make it happen”. It's going to be tough, and I'm going to be tough on you. Find out more...

Now that you've read all about us and know that you're ready for the mother of all reality checks, and start your journey to becoming a Woman on Top.

5% of all profit will be donated to the Because I Am A Girl Foundation.... just because.

For your convenience we accept A processing fee applies.

All sales are final, no refunds will be issued.

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