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The Business You...

If you truly want to grab success by the coconuts, you must follow the process, and stay committed and focused. We are here to shake it out of you. To do that you need to dive in head first so that we can follow that process and get you and your business to the level of success you have always dreamed about.

Private Coaching

95 for 95

This is an initial one time "spill it all out" 95 minute coaching session, virtual or face to face. I'll ask some hard questions so come prepared to bare all!

Business Booster

Duration: 1 month
1 30-minute coaching call/week
1 coaching/consulting email/week

In it to Win it!

Duration: 3 months
2 30-minute calls/week
2 coaching/consulting emails/week

With our Private Coaching packages we begin to form our 1:1 working relationship as we embark on a fact-finding mission to uncover all the bits and pieces that make you who you are. We'll hammer away at all facets of your business. We'll form a picture of your business inside and outside your head. We'll discover all sorts of things that you may or may not have realized, or were trying to cover up – the make-up you’ve caked over the “blemishes”. At the end of each session, you will be one step closer to the success story you have only read about.

Group Coaching up to 10 people per group

Peer Power

Duration: 6 months
1 curriculum/training call a month, approximately 1 hour
1 Q & A/group coaching call a month - about 1 hour
1 private 15 min laser coaching call a month with Odette
unlimited brief email coaching with Odette
unlimited email support from the group

You choose the group that best describes your situation;

I'm starting a business
I'm already in business

With our Group Coaching package you get the same juicy tid bits as the Private Coaching but within the comfort of your peers. So if you prefer to share the joy and share the learning curve to catapult your business to a whole new level, this is the king of peer pressure you'll love.

Now that you've read all about us and know that you're ready for the mother of all reality checks, click here and start your journey to becoming a Woman on Top.

5% of all profit will be donated to the Because I Am A Girl Foundation.... just because.

For your convenience we accept A processing fee applies.

All sales are final, no refunds will be issued.

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