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Awards and Recognition

Stevie Women in Business Finalist - Bronze - Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services (2015)
RBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee (2015)
RBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee (2016)
Entrepreneur of the Year (1994)

Odette Peek Laurie, award-winning entrepreneur and owner of Women on Top Business Coaching, built her first business in 1993 at the age of 27, during Canada’s worst economic crisis. She sold a service to real estate agents, the market hardest hit by the recession. Within five years and against all odds, Odette’s brainchild grew to seven figures.

Today Odette helps entrepreneurs achieve their lifetime dreams through the vehicle of entrepreneurship. But it hasn’t always been easy. In her first year as a business coach, Odette lost her love relationship, both her parents passed away and she woke up one morning paralyzed in her arms. She couldn’t move them properly for more than a year.

Her daughters kept her going when giving in or giving up was not an option. “I needed to be the best damn role model for my girls,” she says.

"I know that business owners are not successful because they are paralyzed by their life circumstances and then use these as an excuse to not go after what they want. But excuses are stupid and stupid is very expensive.”

Odette has written two books: “Profit Domination: How Successful Women Get on Top and Stay There -- 201 Rules for the Road,” and an account of her personal tragedies while building Women on Top in her most recent book, “Paralyzed: Getting Past the Excuses of Why You Aren’t Successful”.

She is also a professional speaker and has her black belt in karate.

If you want to know how you can let go of your excuses that are holding you back from creating a business that sustains your lifestyle, contact Odette at

Download Odette's Speaker One-Sheet (PDF) here

SteveLowell"Odette your event was really great and it was an experience, not just another event. Great content and I could tell from the audience’s reaction they loved you. I’ve been to a lot of events and this is the best organized event I have ever been to. From the moment I got my badge to the networking reception - well done." ~ Steve Lowell, CSP, Keynote Speaker, Success Expert, Mentor to Professional Speakers Worldwide

Odette Laurie on Stage


More than half of all businesses that start, fail. Why is that? A lack of clients, connections and cash.

Odette speaks to audiences, large or small, about why networking and visibility are the keys to building and sustaining a profitable, money-making business.

She is fun, engaging and smart as a whip, having built a multi-million dollar business from the bottom up in less than 5 years. She will engage your audience with stories, solid business tips and hands-on exercises to help anyone create the life (and business!) of their dreams.

Download Odette's Speaker One-Sheet (PDF) here

Odette's Books

Profit Domination: How Successful Women Get On Top and Stay There (201 Rules for the Road)
Paralyzed: Getting Past the Excuses of Why You Aren't Successful

Jayne Rios"Odette Laurie captivated our audience with her energy as a keynote speaker for the Women's Global Leadership Alliance 2016 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a speaker to enlighten, engage and educate their audience." ~ Jayne Rios, CEO Women's GLA

Speaking Topics

Topic #1 - Magnify Your Message and Motivate Millions!

Imagine your message IMPACTING millions across the globe as you live out your purpose.

This fire-starter talk will help you deep dive into your core message so you can answer the question "why YOU" using the power of your personal story.

In this inspiring talk, you will learn:
  • how to create a plan of action to get your message out
  • the top 3 powerhouse strategies to reconnect to your Purpose and manifest what you want in your business
  • how to avoid the #1 mistake we ALL make that gives the WRONG message to your audience
Topic #2 - PUSHing Your Limits: What It Takes to Build a Successful Money-Making Business And Live your Dream Life

Being an entrepreneur is a test of endurance. It’s the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ... all wrapped into one. Just like a marathon. The level of success you experience is a result of how far you ‘Push the Limit'- YOUR LIMIT - using the power of:

  • Persistence
  • Unlimited Possibility
  • Strategy (and Support)
  • Habit

In this talk Odette will show you exactly how to double your income in the next 60 days using the same tools she used to build a 7 figure plus business!

You will learn:

  • how to turn everyday conversations into clients
  • the 3 most important strategies you must do to take your business over 100k and beyond
  • the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make and how it can cost you thousands

To contact Odette or book her for an upcoming speaking engagement or event, please send an email to Odette at

Download Odette's Speaker One-Sheet (PDF) here

Sandra Tisiot Women in Business"The Women In Business Conference had the great pleasure of having Odette join our stage as one of our keynote speakers the their 2016 conference. She did not disappoint. Her PUSH system delivered exceptional content, and the audience rushed to the stage to ensure they got their 30 minutes with Odette. Odette did an outstanding job and I would not hesitate to recommend her." ~ Sandra Tisiot, Women In Business

Odette's Live Events

Profit Domination Live Event - November 2014, April 2015, June 2015
Canadian Domination Virtual Summit with 40 Canadian Entrepreneurs - January to April 2014
Business Intensive Retreat, 2 Day Mastermind, Mississauga, ON - October 2014, March 2015, June 2015, September 2015, March 2016, June 2016, December 2016, February 2017
Create Your Signature Talk 2 Day Workshop, Oakville, ON - February 2015
Make More Money Now 2 Day Workshop, Mississauga, ON - November 2015

Partial List of Speaking Engagements

Bonnie Crombie Event, Mississauga, ON - October 2014
Making Money in Heels, Diva Girls Event, Toronto, ON - November 2014
The National Women’s Show, Toronto, ON - November 2014
Speak Impact Monetize – Cindy Ashton Event, Toronto, ON - November 2014
eWomen Network –Kick Off Meeting, Toronto, ON - February 2015
Mompreneur Toronto Event, Toronto, ON - February 2015
Be Social in Business Event, Toronto, ON - February 2015
Rock Your Biz Expo, Newmarket, ON - March 2015
Mompreneur Conference, Toronto, ON - March 2015
A Taste of Self Mastery Event, Whitby, ON - March 2015
Christine Bentley/Kate Wheeler/ Sharon Caddy/What She Said, Radio Show - April 2015
Dufferin Women in Business – Meeting, Orangeville, ON - April 2015
Molly Dalbec – Kingdom Money Project,Virtual Summit - June 2015
Global Women's Leadership Summit - Moderator, Virtual Summit - July 2015
Powered by Women Changing the World - Carol Soares, Virtual Summit - July 2015
Jaden Sterling – Soul to Profits, Radio Show - August 2015
Women on Fire Entrepreneur Showcase –Heather Picken, Virtual Summit - August 2015
Master Your Money Mindset - Diva Girls Event, Toronto, ON - September 2015
Empowering Women to Succeed Event, Vaughan, ON - September 2015
Women of Wellington & Saugeen - Kick Off Meeting, Minto, ON - September 2015
Ladies Lounge 1 Year Anniversary - Keynote, Stouffville, ON - October 2015
Awaken Your Wealth – Paula Johnson, Virtual Summit - October 2015
She Means Biz Conference - Diva Girls, Toronto, ON - November 2015
BrandPower - Jena Rodriguez, Virtual Summit - November 2015
Feminine Instincts & Money - RebeccaLynn Bologna, Virtual Summit - November 2015
Women in Business Conference – Keynote, Ottawa, ON - March 2016
Women’s Global Leadership Alliance – Keynote, Las Vegas, NV - March 2016
Hustle Diva – Speaker, Toronto, ON - April 2016
Diva Girls Conference – Keynote, Toronto, ON - April 2016
Sexy and Wealthy in Heels - Power Panel - Panelist - Toronto, ON - September 2016
Empowering Women to Succeed Event - Keynote - Vaughan, ON - September 2016
Frock - OFF Event - Keynote and Workshop Facilitator - Mono, ON - November 2016
Distinctive Women Ignite Conference - Speaker - Toronto, ON - November 2016
Business Wealth Summit - with Randi Goodman - Toronto, ON - January 2017
Rizen Nation - Thomas LeMeguer - Toronto, ON - February 2017

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