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The 12 Step Program


At Women on Top we believe you shouldn't go it alone. So we've come up with a way for you, and other women like you to come together and chat about your business, your career or other life issues. Chick Chat is a chance for you to bounce your ideas, or problems, off other women who are in the same boat, or have recently come ashore.  We hope you will feel empowered to have the support and understanding of your peers and hopefully benefit from a little "been there, done that".

A FRIEND IN NEED — referral program
Let’s face it, we all know someone who needs a kick in the tush to get on top of her life. Make a referral that results in at least a 95 for 95, and you will get a free 30 minute session.

We understand that barter can be the lifeblood of a small business.  So if you can offer a service or product of equal value in return for coaching don't be afraid to ask. In fact, call us right now. We'd love to hear from you!

5% of all profit will be donated to the Because I Am A Girl Foundation.... just because.

Because no two women are alike, no 12 steps are alike. This program is tailor made just for you and who you are meant to be in life. We like to think of it as therapy with a bite.
In the initial sessions we draw out your vision; we look at what is or isn’t working in your life. We delve into your past and ask deeply probing questions. All areas of your life are explored: career, personal, social, financial, spiritual. We break it down one area at a time, define your ultimate goal—this is your declaration, “this is who I am meant to be in life”—and map out how to get there by slicing it into bite size pieces. These pieces are your short term goals and objectives.
In the next sessions we help you turn thinking into action. We make you ask the tough question;
"What is my almost certain future if I do nothing at all …except think about what I wanted to do?"
"What could my future look like if I take action now?"
What’s really stopping you from living your dream? The answer is probably you!
Our last few sessions separate your passions from the practical, and kick practical to the curb. We strip away the "yeah buts" and "what ifs" that are holding you back and unveil the real you. We'll have you try on the real you, let you loose in your world to see how it feels to be living the life you have only imagined…until now. We keep your declaration alive so that you can stay On Top.












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