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It's your business, so we have ways to help you learn at your own pace.


Paralyzed: Getting Past the Excuses of Why You Are Not Successful.


The Paralyzed Book

Paralyzed is a must-read if you are an entrepreneur who is struggling to make money in your business. It's not a self-help book or a book for 'poor me'  people who keep reading their way into nowhere. This book is for that special someone who is surrendering to status quo, who is sick and tired of being average and reaching for the middle, and has only managed to climb halfway up the success mountain. We will talk about how to set goals, how to write a business plan, how to market and sell yourself to customers. You need to sell YOU to YOU so you can sell YOU to your clients. This book will help you do that!



Profit Domination, How Successful Women get on top~and stay there.


The Profit Domination Book

Odette’s ability to shine a light on your “Big But” – the fears, doubts and hesitations that keep smart people like you from the success you want – has led to the creation of these 201 rules for the road. She has lived the rules, and coaches her clients based on these rules, and now she shares them with you. Let your passion show you the path to Profit Domination, and let this book help you stay on track!



Profit Domination: How to start, thrive and succeed.


The Profit Domination CD Set




A very special 6-CD set that gives Guidance, Support and Travel Directions for Women on their Way to the Top.





The Profit Domination Workbook



The Profit Domination Workbook! A fabulous 100+ page home study system that does more than your average do-it-yourselfer can.

There are worksheets, resources, strategies and how-to's delivered right to your door.

I will teach you how to network, how to keep it together in the head when people tell you no, how to measure the size of your But and how to dominate your profits doing what you love! The best part is when we tie it all together with a live, just you and me, 'double your income now' coaching session you totally Dominate your Life!







Want it all? Well let's bundle it all together for you for this incredible price of $299


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