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How Big is your "But"?

Discover 7 ways your Big "But" might be sabotaging your success in business and in life.

As women we spend more time and money trying to keep our butt small and tight, than we do trying to reduce the size and number of our "Buts". There are 7 BIG "Buts" that continue to get in the way of our success in business and in life.

As a special gift for you as a subscriber, you can now download our free guide and find out just how BIG your "But" really is.

If you...

—focus on the negative
—are the queen of the "yeah but"s... aka, excuses

—lead the marching band in the pity parad

...then you need to read this!

How Big is your "But"?


Which big "But" are you?

—We compare our successes to those of other women and find them lacking
—We dwell on past failures and use them as an excuse to not try again
—We often think we are not good enough or deserving enough to succeed
—We are afraid of being judged and care too much what others will think
—We think we lack the skills required and so find excuses to not even try
—We have trouble making a decision and sticking with it
—We are resistant to change

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