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Issue No. 6
Taking a Leap of Faith in 2011!


Are you someone who is toying with the idea of owning your own business? Confused about how to take that first step?


your business floundering and you are too? WOT offers a variety of packages and services tailor made specifically to you and your business... right here, right now.


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If you answer "Yes", or "Ummm," to any of  these questions, you probably aren't where you need to be in life or in business.

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Here's what other dog owners are saying...


"Tiffany, I am so calm and secure when I drop Colebury off with you or with Victoria. I worry about him all the time when I leave him but when he's with Nosy Barkers I am as calm as...well, as calm as I can be at any time. I really respect the way you take care of him, and am forever grateful. I recommend you to all my friends...with a happy heart.-Karen"


"We had a very good experience with Johanna. She is a lovely, caring person. Sterling is not an easy dog to take care of. He needs some special attention because of his old age. He is also not much of an eater, and that can be worrying. Johanna was quite understanding and did a wonderful job accommodating Sterling's need for a safe area of his own. She even took to hand feeding him to try to get him to eat. Thanks again for offering your service Tiffany. You keep recommending great people."-Greg


"Hi Tiffany, I just wanted to say that I greatly appreciated the service I was provided by your agency, but more specifically, your caregiver Betty. As you know, I have  a fairly large dog (100 lbs plus), and at times his size potentially poses challenges when it comes to getting him boarded. To that end, I was very pleased with how he was taken care of by Betty, and would recommend her for any persons who are in need of boarding care."-Monte



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There is no time like the present. The time is NOW. 2011 is the Year of the Entrepreneur so at Women On Top we are celebrating! We love to celebrate the success of others and we love to shout it out to the world. As Women we tend to shy away from recognition and praise and the old fashion pat on the back. Throughout 2011, I will be flaunting the Women in Business whom I have had the absolute pleasure to work with. These Women inspire me and they will inspire you! You know you want it, you know it can be done, now all you have to do is take that first step...What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present, so give yourself a gift. Give the gift of You and make this Your Year!


Odette Laurie
Women On Top


Great New Business Stands On Its Own Four Legs!



Tiffany and Cervantes

Tiffany and Cervantes

Everyone loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending. This story has many happy endings.
I would like to introduce you to a fabulous Woman and seasoned Entrepreneur, Tiffany Leger, creator of one success story after another. Tiffany has several businesses in her portfolio, inlcuding Nosy Barkers Dog Boarding and Boutique.



This fabulous business was created because, as the owner of two pampered miniature poodles, Tiffany felt that every dog deserves to stay in a loving home when mom and dad are away. Let's face it, your best friend should enjoy your vacation as much as you do and being sent to a kennel is like going to jail with slightly better food. And when your dogs are a part of the family, a cold, sterile cage is the last place you'd want to leave them. But that can really put a cramp in your lifestyle if you've got the traveling bug.

Now Tiffany is joined in her crusade for guilt-free travel by over a dozen dog loving homes in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. If you're looking for a great place to send your dog while you're away, check out the Nosy Barkers Community to find a home near you. It's the next best thing to leaving your dog with family or friends. And the best part? Because Nosy Barkers Boarding Homes are a true community, if the home your dog usually stays in isn't available, another great home will be recommended based on what they already know about your dogs character.


Doggie Visitors

Nosy Barkers guests lining up for treats

For the truly pampered pet you'll want to check out the Nosy Barkers Boutique which carries custom, hand crafted items such as feeders and collar charms.


With a long career in marketing and specifically design, starting the business was easy for Tiffany, she knew just what to do. Right from name development to logo design and even website development the process was smooth. NO, that does not mean easy! It was a lot of hard work and late nights. And considering her lifelong involvement with dogs, understanding the market was a synch. Tiffany personally screens each home herself and interacts daily with boarding homes and doggie owners alike. The combination of pure business backed up by a very personal touch is a real winner. The referrals and repeat business say it all.

Nosy Barkers Boutique & Boarding

When asked what was the single most important message she could pass along to aspiring entrepreneurs... "understanding that you are not your business. Your business is an entity all of it's own with a distinct personality. My business coach taught me that and it changed my way of thinking about business from that point on. it was like a switch being flipped."


At the end of the day Tiffany says "do what you love.... love what you do".


Tiffany and I took that leap of faith many years ago. We designed our lives and our careers under our term. We want that for you too.


So I ask you again, what are you waiting for? Make 2011 YOUR Year!


In Business  | In Life  | In Triumph


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