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Issue No. 5


Never Give up!

Nver Give Up!









"I have been searching for many years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life in terms of career but always felt hopeless. Very soon into my sessions with Women On Top, I found a true sense of hope and that, yes, I can reach my goals. I came to believe that most anything is possible."


-Michelle B.


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Well, we are one month in and eleven to go. Smooth sailing, right? I'm sorry, can you repeat that? Did I hear you say the 'M' word? I thought so, but it sounded more like a cry for help. That's right, who is still Motivated after their pledge to the New Year's Eve Goddess?...I am going to eat less, exercise more, complain less, call Mom more, be nicer to the universe...I think I hear you screaming...Someone, Pleeeease Motivate ME!
Hey, I needed a kick in the tush too and, believe me, I got one (well maybe two... actually three, but who's counting!). So here's my kick in your tush; Keep going and don't ever, ever give up! YOU are counting on YOU!


Odette Laurie
Women On Top




There is no Expiry Date on SuccessOdette Laurie | Owner of Business Women on Top


It takes decision to start a thing and discipline to finish it. I don't know who said it, but how true is that? I am guessing there have been many great inventions, ideas, businesses, gadgets and widgets that have not come to fruition because they weren't followed through to the end. There is no expiry date on success.


How many times have you heard  'if at first you don't succeed, try and try again?'. I had this drilled into my head as a young pup and the echo still rings in my ears. Now I teach this to my brood and anyone who will listen. My dear friends and family who know me so well, know that I do not procrastinate. Ever. I can't. The fear of failure from lack of trying or putting a task off for another day motivates me.


That's what being a Woman On Top is all about and that's why I embarked on this journey to work with others who need a gentle nudge, a push, a shove or a kick in the #*%!

Hey, I know how tough it is to start a business and I know how tough it is to maintain one. As a woman. For that matter, It's tough to get out of bed in the morning some days, get to the gym or finish a project that you just don't want to do.


We all have a million things going on in a day, in our heads and out in the real world. So what? If you made the decision to start something don't make excuses to stop. Excuse me? Is that you I hear making another excuse?


When I took up Martial Arts many moons ago, the importance of motivation was basically beaten into me, both mentally and physically. When I hired a coach, same thing, except we didn't get into physical altercations, although there were days I felt like...oops, never mind.


In my coaching I offer a variety of packages and services tailor made specifically to your needs and your motivation level.

I have been through the start up phase, the ebbs and flows, ups and downs of running a business. I know the excitement of that first client, the infamous sales cycle and passing that 10 year mark (a major milestone in any small business). I know this because I stuck with it.


So what's it gonna be? More excuses or are you ready to put up your dukes? Come on, I dare ya.




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