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Small Business Owners,

Do you end each day feeling like you didn't really accomplish anything?

Are you spending more time on administrative paperwork, emails, social media than you are marketing and working with actual clients?

Are you trying to do everything yourself, and it seems like things are slipping through the cracks?


Well, maybe it's time you got some help. What's holding you back?

For many entrepreneurs,  it's one of three things:

1) What tasks do I actually hand off to an assistant?

2) It's going to take longer to manage someone else. It's just quicker to do it myself.

3) How the heck am I going to pay someone when I'm already struggling to make an income from my business?

If you're tired of doing it all yourself, but you aren't sure how to effectively hire and manage a Virtual Assistant, then you're going to want to join me on this call.

As someone who now works with a VA and gets to experience the benefit of it each and every month – I would recommend you listen in as I interview my own VA, Crystal Parrett of Timesavers Virtual Solutions.

We'll talk about when you should hire your first VA, how to know you're hiring the right one, plus a lot more you need to know before you start working with a VA.

Join us on February 29th at 7:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific) for the Free Teleseminar
How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Make More Money and Work Less

Get the details of how you should hire and work with a VA, and bypass the mistakes so many business owners make the first time they try to find help.

This call  is going to be packed full of information you'll want to know.
So join me and Crystal Parrett as we talk about:

  • What is a Virtual Assistant and how can one help you in your business
  • How to hire the right VA for you and for the skill set you need
  • How to effectively manage your VA
  • What you need to do to ensure you have a successful relationship with your VA
  • Plus much more you're not going to want to miss...

So, if you've been thinking about hiring a VA, or just wondered if a VA really can help you grow your business, join us on this call – February 29th, 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific).

**And register even if you can't make it live, as the webinar will be recorded and a free replay will be made available to everyone who registers.

Space on the line is limited. Be sure to register early! (And you must register in order to have access to the audio recording of this call.) So mark your calendars and register now.

Simply enter your contact details below to receive the call-in information:
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