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Let's get together and let's get going!

Coaching is a partnership. A coach works with you, to help you gain clarity, to define your goals and priorities. She points out the obstacles you face, especially the ones that everyone else can see, but somehow you can’t. She shows how you often “get in your own way”. She makes it easier for you to move forward.



Are you ready to get going?

Print out this list and study it. Check the boxes. Change the words. Make it your own. Then reach out to Women on Top. Let’s get started!


Do you want to...?

  • Stop getting in your own way
  • Master your impulses
  • Regain your focus
  • Commit to achieving your goals
  • Grow your business faster and more profitably
  • Feel happier and more in control
  • Become a more effective communicator

How do you feel?

  • My life feels like a hurricane (and that was my self-confidence that just flew past).
  • I’m in the middle of a serious life change and I can’t find my owner’s manual.
  • My business is blasting through the roof and it’s making head hurt.
  • My business is going down the drain and I’m going with it.
  • My problems (the ones I’m ignoring) are gaining the upper hand.
  • Suddenly everybody’s leaning on me and I’m “this close” to breaking


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