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Feelin' badass ...

by Odette Laurie on July 28th, 2015
I am on Vacay!
A real unplugged, spend time on the beach, eat, drink, hang with my daughters and explore the wonderful community of Prince Edward County right here in wine country, Ontario, Canada.

tattooWe had family shoots taken the other day by Lane Dorsey (check him out at and yes he is not your typical family photographer.

Michaela, Briana and I had airbrushed tattoos to feel bad ass and fulfill a strange fantasy be ‘tatted' up.

I now know why people can’t just have one tattoo!

I love to fall away from the main stream, the typical and the ‘what everybody else is doing’. I bet there is a part of you that is bad ass and it just needs to step out.

What do you do that's badass (even just a little!)? Let me know on my Facebook page!

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