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Treat Yourself to Something Special This Month

by Odette Laurie on March 14th, 2013

Hey there everyone!

Things are heating up here in the great white my US friends, that would be Canada, not the Arctic!

I think we are finally seeing some of this white stuff melt away. What's really heating up is the green stuff.

I want to give each and everyone of you fabulous clients of mine a great big WOOT HOOT for stepping up in such a humungous way! You guys are rockin your businesses, making stuff happen. I love it! There are a few more of you just climbing aboard and I want to say thank you for leaning into me, having faith in me having faith in you.

One thing I learned, and it wasn't easy, is that we need to treat ourselves with something special for working so damn hard.

FleetWood Mac

I just bought Fleetwood Mac tickets at a sold out show in April here in Toronto! (I love, love Fleetwood Mac!) My guy and I are going to have a fabulous night out on the town to celebrate us.

What are you going to treat yourself to this month?

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